Papercraft Belt Kamen Rider Kaixa

Belt Kamen Rider Kaixa for Henshin, and this is Papercraft version. This Belt consists of 2 parts, phone and belt. We can use it to pretend transformed ito Kamen Rider Kaixa. hihi


Papercraft Kamen Rider Delta Chibi

Kamen Rider Delta is one of kamen rider in Kamen Rider Faiz / 555 series. With Black and white appearance he look cool.
But Sorry if there are many errors in pattern, because I still continue to Learn and Just want to share.
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Sentai Go Busters Red Chibi Papercraft

Red personil of sentai Go Busters. Sentai Go Busters is one of more Super Sentai in Japan, but in Western countries, people call him a Power Ranger.
and this is Chibi version Sentai Go Busters Red Papercraft.

Happy Fairy Tail Papercraft

Happy is a name of Natsu friend, from manga and anime Fairy Tail. He is shaped like a cat and can fly.
He is the best Partner of Natsu.

Kirito Sword Art Online (SAO) Infinite Moment Papercraft

Kirito is a character of Kirigaya Kazuto in Game Sword Art Online, in the Anime and Manga of the same title that is Sword Art Online.
This anime and manga tells the story of the game world, if we include the games we can't get out unless we finish the game.

SD RX-O Unicorn Gundam Destroy Mode Papercraft

This is Chibi version from Gundam Unicorn Destroy Mode, look great, simple, but this is Medium-Hard build.
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Kamen Rider Gaim Papercraft (Chibi)

Yooosha~,, finally its finished. I get something problem with the head. but this is oke now.
Kamen Rider Gaim is a new series Kamen Rider 2013-2014, and this is papercraft Kamen Rider Gaim Orange Arms Chibi version.

Hatsune Miku Chibi

Hatsune miku, sometimes referred to as Miku Hatsune, is a humanoid persona voiced by singing synthesizer application developed by Crypton Future Media, headqurtered in Sapporo city.
and this is, papercraft Hatsune Miku Chibi version.

Uciha Sasuke Shippuden Papercraft

Sasuke is one character of manga and anime Naruto, he is rival of Naruto. But Naruto considers him as friend.
This is Sasuke Shippuden version, after Uciha Itachi dead...
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Kamen Rider W Double Papercraft

Kamen Rider W Double is 2 people in 1 Body. They Henshin with Gaia Memory, and they can change a half of body.
And This is, Papercraft Kamen Rider W Double Cyclone Joker Chibi version.
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Pikachu Simple Papercraft

Pikachu, is one of Pokemon, and this is a Icon of anime Pokemon.
I want to share a Simple Papercraft, just One Page, and this is very cute.. Kawaaiii~~~

Law Time Skip Papercraft

This is Paperccraft Law from anime and manga One Piece, and this Law After Time Skip or New World version.
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Kamen Rider Wizard Chibi Papercraft

This is The First post Kamen Rider Official From AKaRiPap, Papercraft Kamen Rider Wizard Chibi Version.
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Kamen Rider OOO Chibi Papercraft

Kamen Rider OOO is one of Kamen Rider Heisei from Japan, The Kamen Rider Use Medal to Henshin, and I waant to share Papercraft Kamen Rider OOO medal Taka-Tora-Batta (TaToBa).
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Luffy One Piece New World ver. Papercraft

Papercraft Luffy From manga and anime One Piece, the one of my favorite Character too.
this is, Luffy New World version with new clothes and wound in his chest.

Naruto Shippuden Papercraft

This is my first post, and i want to share my favorite caracter, Uzumaki Naruto from manga and anime Naruto Shippuden.
The Height in papercraft is 17 cm, in 6 pages. But this is Hard Build Papercraft, because detail is good (but No in the Hand).